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We receive a lot of phone calls during our business hours for parts and trouble shooting. We will gladly help when we can but we need your assistance.

1) Have a model number (and serial number if possible) for the instrument in question. Many instruments look alike, age & shape do not identify the instrument. We can not discuss detailed repair options without a model number.

2) Check your schedule. We run at a 3 week turn around time , please plan accordingly. repair time is from the date of receipt. We test, evaluate and contact all at the same time period. We will not contact you when the instrument arrives.

3) Please check the FAQ page to see if your fault is covered.


Our Repair Policy

Please read the entire page.

DMI Marine is committed to taking the time to examine your repair needs from every angle necessary in order to properly repair your instrument. Because of our commitment to accurately repair every piece of equipment regardless of age, the process sometimes takes longer to make the repair and yet keep it affordable.

Once your instrument is received for repair it is unpacked carefully so we are sure to find all parts, then it is assigned a repair number and all information is entered into our computer system. The repair is then placed on our repair shelf in the order of receipt and awaits evaluation. The evaluation, repair and notification of estimate repair (and/or payment) is all made at the same time and upon approval it is shipped as soon as possible.

**For a printable repair request form, please one click of the following options:

                               [on line form]                  [WORD format]

When submitting repairs, please follow these guidelines:

1. Package your instruments securely!
  • Damage can happen during shipping, which will necessitate the need for more repairs, and possibly even damaging the instrument beyond repair. This shouldn't be a problem if you use basic precautions when shipping instruments such as adequate padding, a sturdy container, and plenty of package tape.
2. Use the above form or enclose an 8.5"x11" sheet indicating the following information:
  • Model and serial numbers of all equipment AND ACCESSORIES
  • The total number of boxes sent (if there is only one, please indicate this)
  • Your return address
  • Telephone number, Cell phone number,  fax number, and email address if applicable
  • Detailed description of the problem - the more details, the better
  • Credit card number and expiration date
3. To check the status of a repair, please have the model and serial number handy as well as the name it was sent under.

4. Every item received is subject to a charge. Testing of an item takes time (example:  speed sensors, transducers, controls, etc..) A masthead unit & gauge is two items.

Payments and Return Shipment
For repairs less than $150 (not including shipping):

We will automatically charge the repair fee to the credit card number you have provided with your order, and return the repaired instrument to you via UPS Ground service (Continental US only), unless you have indicated another shipping method preference with your repair request.

For repairs over $150:

If the estimated repair cost is more then $150 we will contact you for approval before the repair is completed. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, there will be a bench charge of $75 assessed to each instrument sent in. A telephone number must be included or the instrument will be returned to you C.O.D. per the conditions outlined above.

Tips to help us serve you faster:

  • Use one of the above forms in insure we have all contact information.
  • Or use a 8.5" X 11" paper and be detailed in your descriptions. It will enable us to look for the exact fault and may prevent a time costly telephone call.
  • Include your credit card number, expiration date and the 3 digit validation number found on the rear of the credit card in your letter to us. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • We use the $150.00 figure as our general break off point for calling with an estimate. However, if you authorize a larger range of repair ($200 or $250) we can perform the repair faster since the technician can complete the repair immediately. The less time we spend on the phone, the more items we can repair.
  • Please note that a decision to go ahead with an estimated repair is needed within 72 hours to ensure your unit will be shipped promptly. After 72 hours, your repair may be placed behind others. After 30 days with no response, the repair will be not be made and a $75.00 bench charge (per instrument) will be charged. The un-repaired instrument will be returned COD to the address provided with your repair request
  • If an instrument is left with us for over 90 days is will be considered abandoned and we will dispose of it properly.


We will only contact you after we have made our evaluation. If you want to be sure the instrument has arrived please use a currier that will supply a tracking number so you can follows its shipping progress.

Other Information

In general masthead wind speed repair is about $225

A masthead unit that is leaking oil may have a broken housing, repair is about $475

Replacement of LCD and associated parts is about $225

All items that are sent in are subject to the $150 repair terms, do not send it if you do not want it tested.  


DMI Marine
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main phone number: 774-213-9744
fax number: none, please use email